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License Issues

Felony Defense:
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Sutton & Lindsay PLLC provides aggressive legal representation in resolving criminal charges, professional license and ethics issues, and civil matters.

Attorneys Kerry Sutton and Steve Lindsay are known in State and Federal courtrooms across North Carolina and at universities around the nation for representing their clients in negotiations and trials with passion and notable skill. Sutton and Lindsay use every resource available to provide their clients with strategic legal advice and the information needed to understand their legal options and to make informed decisions.

Kerstin Walker Sutton - An active member of the North Carolina legal community, Kerry Sutton manages the Durham office of Sutton & Lindsay PLLC.  She has earned the respect of her peers around the state. Sutton has handled a number of high profile cases and was listed in 2011 as one of North Carolina's Rising Stars at www.SuperLawyers.com.

Steve Lindsay - Head of the Asheville office, and known as one of the top trial skill trainers in the nation.  Steve Lindsay is a member of the faculty at the National Criminal Defense College, headquartered at the Mercer University School of Law in Macon, Georgia, and is regularly called upon to teach trial practice skills to attorneys at seminars across the nation.

Title IX & Sexual Misconduct: Defense Athletes & Students

Defending Athletes and Students

If you have been notified that you are being investigated for potential charges related to allegations of sexual misconduct or a Title IX violation, the time to get an attorney on board to advise you is NOW. Very few criminal defense attorneys are experienced in sexual misconduct cases in educational settings.

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Professional Ethics & License Issues

Professional Ethics & License IssuesKerry Sutton & Steve Lindsay are available to consult on professional ethics, conduct and licensing matters. Most ethics situations are unique and very fact-specific. It is almost always helpful to get a fresh perspective from outside counsel. This is never as true or as important as it is when you face potential disciplinary action and your very career is at stake.

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Felony Defense: State & Federal

Criminal Defense: State and Federal

Every legal situation is unique. This is never as true or as important as it is when you face felony or misdemeanor criminal charges and your liberty is at stake. You need an attorney to ensure your rights are protected, to see that your case is handled fairly and to talk to you about your options. Our clients receive the information they need to make wise and informed choices.

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Legal Presentations for Groups & Teams

Criminal Law Presentations for Teams, Students & Citizen Groups

We've helped thousands of people with legal problems in the courtrooms of North Carolina.  We've also shared our knowledge with thousands more through presentations to teams, organizations and citizen groups ranging from Q&A sessions to multi-day professional seminars.  If members of your group (class, school, team, fraternal organization, etc.) would be interested in learning more...

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